About The Book

A Reviewer’s Handbook to
Business Valuation

Practical Guidance to the Use and Abuse of a Business Appraisal

by L. Paul Hood, Jr., JD, LLM and Timothy R. Lee, ASA

Who Benefits from A Reviewer’s Handbook to Business Valuation?

Users of business appraisal reports. Specifically, estate planners, estate planning attorneys, accountants, business owners, business appraisers and other stakeholders in business valuation reports.

How Is This Book Different from Every Other Business Valuation Text on the Market?

A Reviewer’s Handbook to Business Valuation is a collaboration of an attorney and a business appraiser emphasizing the practical side of business valuation. As the sub-title states, it contains practical guidance to the use and abuse of a business appraisal.

The book focuses on the pragmatic aspects of business valuation that arise in the context of a tax valuation, examining concepts and topics including the level of value, the role of estate planners in the business valuation process, the use of appraisers in estate planning and litigation, and the appraiser identification/selection process.

  • Part I (Foundations of Business Valuation) provides the reader sufficient information to be an informed user/reviewer of a business valuation report without requiring the reader to become a business appraiser.
  • Part II (Business Valuation Standards) contains a helpful overview of the professional standards from each major business valuation association. Therefore, the reader can check to see if their appraiser is following his/her own standards in their appraisal product.
  • Part III (Lessons from the Trenches) is a practical, hands on treatment of problems encountered in business valuation reports. Full of case citations for our attorney friends, this section provides useful information not found in any other business valuation text.
  • The appendices contain even more useful resources for the reader.

A Reviewer’s Handbook to Business Valuation is a practical resource designed for users of business valuation reports.

Selected Excerpts from the Book